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About The Initiator

Mr Roger Matthews

Sixteen years ago Roger Matthews came to World Medical Relief to ask for help for Haiti’s sick children. He and his wife, Dominique Monde-Matthews, a Southfield paediatrician, founded the Haiti Out-reach Mission in 1998 after they visited her native land on their honeymoon. The organization has grown to include eight Catholic and Episcopal churches in Southeast Michigan and Montana and built an addition to a school, rebuilt another section of a school and church, started an orphanage, and constructed a clinic.gallery39

After years of partnership with WMR, Roger founded West African Medical Relief and World Medical Relief African Partners. He expanded his vision to Africa and especially Nigeria. He was a major force in the rebuilding of the health system in Nigeria, trusted by the Nigerian government and its people to deliver the assistance that they needed. Nigeria became one of the largest recipients of the life saving medical equipment and sup-plies through the efforts of Roger Mathews, in all over 80 containers! He was an incredible person with a big heart for the sick poor. He has touched thousands of lives because of his love for people” says George Samson, president and CEO of World Medical Relief. “He was so vibrant, and so focused in his obligation to help the poor people”.

When the earthquake hit Haiti Roger was recovering from knee surgery and he could not accompany his wife on the relief mission to the disaster stricken country. She, a pediatrician, left for Haiti with a dozen doctors, nurses and emergency medical personnel to help quake victims. On the ride to Haiti from neighboring Dominican Republic, Dominique Matthews was hit with the news of her husband’s death. Roger died on Sunday January 24 at the age of 67. WMR’s CEO George Samson spoke at the memorial service on January 30 and told the congregation of Roger’s passion to help those less fortunate and how World Medical Relief had truly lost a good friend.

Rogers Matthew became familiar and established first name relationship with gallery52the late president Umaru Musa ya’adua of bless memories, his ministers, governors, chief and people of the country. In appreciation for his contribution to promoting health in Nigeria, he was crowned chief O’kworenyi of Abakawlu. Rogers was very proud of their honour and accolade and always had a smile when his friends has led him by the monikar ” chief”. He led a delegation with doctors in 2007 and shortly afterwards led in a negotiation with government officials to expand operations in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and republic of Guinea.

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